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Buypass Cloud Signature Services is defined as a separate portfolio of services to provide Advanced Electronic Signature and associated support services. The service is based on the framework defined by the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC).

Buypass takes on the role of issuer of signing certificates and carries out signings centrally. Buypass does not receive any documents and can distance itself from the content of the content being signed. On the business side, Buypass targets companies that have a business certificate (Remote eSeal). Buypass stores the public key in its own HSM which is used for signing. The service does not allow for certificates from CAs other than Buypass.

To support the Signing Services, a Validation Service is also provided.


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Cloud Signature Consortium

Buypass is an associate member of the Cloud Signature Consortium (CSC), a global network of providers of technologies and solutions for cloud-based signing services that also satisfy eIDAS’ requirements for such services.

The consortium's mission is to establish standards and best practices for cloud-based digital signatures for web and mobile applications.

Buypass, together with partners, develops cloud-based signing services according to the CSC framework, which makes signing accessible to everyone in an easy way.