Buypass Cloud Signature Services (BCSS)

Buypass launched Buypass Cloud Signature Services with remote eSeal for Enterprice signing autumn 2022, and will launch a new eSigning service for person signing autumn 2023.
See some developer details for Enterprice signing here -

A end-of-life date for the existing signing service with Buypass Bx-protocol (implemented by IPS) will be published on release of BCSS eSigning.

Signing Keys

From 01.09.2023 Buypass will not support signing with SHA1 keys when using the Buypass BX-protocol. From that date SHA256 keys must be used in signing request.
Reed more here -

Fra og med 01.09.2023 vil Buypass ikke lenger støtte signering med SHA1 nøkler i Buypass BX-protokollen. Fra den dato må SHA256 nøkler oppgis i signeringsrequesten.


Buypass offers (today - see above!) one protocol for doing end-user document signing:

  • The Buypass Bx-protocol (implemented by IPS)

The protocol does not require server side components installed at the Merchant/Relying Party.

Client libraries are available to ease the technical integration.

Bx-protocol (IPS)

The Bx-protocol is a message base protocol develop by Buypass. It has proven itself for years and is based on public key cryptography. This means that all messages are signed and encrypted making the protocol secure even over open networks (does not require HTTPS).

The Bx-protocol requires a Buypass issued "Merchant Certificate" for identification of the Merchant/Relying Party.


An overview of the basic flows and of the protocol (and IPS) is documented here: IPS grensesnittet - signering personID.

Specific documentation for doing signing with the Bx-protocol is documented here: IPS-PKI signering med IPS-Bx