Buypass Cloud Signature Services

This documentation covers the technical aspects of the remote signing services, including the validation service. The three main services are enterprise signature, eSigning - person signing and validation.

The signing service is an implementation of version 1.0.4 of the specification created by the cloud signing consortium (CSC). Documentation is available here. The Buypass remote signing services also include a validation service, which is out of scope for the CSC specification but follows the same design and implementation principles.




The validation service enables the user to validate existing signatures. It also returns all relevant revocation- and certificate chain information. This information may be stored together with the signature and enables the signature to be validated at a later time, even if the CA is out of service and revocation information is no longer available online. The validation service supports signatures created by certificates issued by most major Certificate Authorities.

The remote enterprice and person signing services signs hash values supplied through the signing API, provided a valid token authorizing access to the centrally stored private signing key is also supplied. 

The signing algorithms supported by the services is RSA.